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Progress Jan 2017

Well January was not a productive months and I think I knew it was not going to be at the start of the month contributing to my decision to not do weekly updates. There was no single factor that hindered progress more a combination of many little things. None of which are interesting enough to discuss. I am hoping I am past most of them now. In fact I am looking forward to getting my head down this February and actually coding something. Read more →

2017 Mid January Update

So it has been a few weeks and I promised to restart updates today so here is an update… First up some changes. I have decided to drop down to monthly updates. It is an experiment to see how I like it. I am also slightly worried that publishing these weekly updates is letting me think I am progressing well as I am publishing. If I get to the end of the year and find most of my work has been publishing updates I will be a little disappointed. Read more →


Well I am a day late with this update. It’s that crazy christmas time again and that means guests and other good distractions. The time I managed to spend time taking a deeper look at SAT (Separation of axis therom). Well I say deep but once you get the idea it’s coneptually simple and the implementation is also pretty simple. The side effect of this is I now have the breakout clone worknig how I want it to. Read more →


The first goal of this week was quickly reached. Turns out my stream article was much closer to completion than I thought. It really just need a going over and the code adding in. It did mean I had to figure out syntax highlighting for Hugo. Mentioning testing last week had me primed and ready to get them going. The obvious place to write some tests was in some of the geometry code I was writing. Read more →


This week I worked on the collision detection in my breakout clone. This pretty much meant I wrote code to detect collisions between Circles and axis aligned rectangles as well as thinking about how to handle collision response. Once these two a bedded down I am one step away from a basic physics engine, the final step being updating positions with velocities. My focus appears to have become writing some reusable components and this is greatly adding to the development time of the game. Read more →