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One of the goals I am attempting to do is use the full range of language features and ideas that are contained in Dart. Streams are one area that I have not been making use of even though they have been on the fringes of what I have been coding for while. In my little game engine I have been using callbacks for keyup and keydown detection. These built on top of the Streams that Dart provide in its core html library. Read more →


This week I worked on the collision detection in my breakout clone. This pretty much meant I wrote code to detect collisions between Circles and axis aligned rectangles as well as thinking about how to handle collision response. Once these two a bedded down I am one step away from a basic physics engine, the final step being updating positions with velocities. My focus appears to have become writing some reusable components and this is greatly adding to the development time of the game. Read more →


Well what I thought was a mild illness raised it head this week and put me alseep on the sofa for about 3 days straight. I am still recovering now. This is starting to feel like a blog about catching colds at the moment. I don’t suffer from colds to often but the roll of the dice have been not good the past couple of weeks. Illness matter as I don’t get much codinog done. Read more →

Why Dart

This is one of those posts that I have been meaning to write for about a month or so but every time I hit the keyboard and write, it turns into a long post that wanderers all over the place. Here’s with another stab at it. The question I want to answer is why did I choose to code in Dart for the next year as part of my year long publish more challenge? Read more →


Wow another week passes. Time is really flying at the moment. This week has unfortunatly been a slow one. I seem to spend a great deal of my time either asleep I think I had a mild illness. Most of the household have been knockedout with colds. I visited friends this week. Time at the keyboard was limited to say the least. I kind of predicted this last week as I had limited goals. Read more →