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As you can probably see this website has changed a fair bit. That is good as that was the goal of last week. Improve the site enough so I didn’t worry about it for some time. I didn’t put that hours into the breakclone this week. Although it did progress and I seemed to spend a good bit of time working out how to push code into the engine side rather than a game specific area. Read more →


After setting some pretty low goals that pretty much amounted to me getting started on my next game I’m pleased to reported I achieved them. Taking some of the code from my simple snake game I managed to get the whole project up and running fairly rapidly. Cloning Breakout is a little bit more complicated than snake so I spent couple of evenings starting to abstact a some ideas out of the code to make the engine work with interfaces rather than concrete implementations. Read more →


It has been a busy week but not one that has progressed me towards my goals that much. First there was the DartConference/Summit and I spent a couple of evenings watching the more interesting talks. I found the Angular talks pretty interesting even if webdev is not exactly in my interest domain at the moment. The talks on the ahead of time compiler along with Flutter shows that Dart couple be heading places I was not expecting it to. Read more →


Wow that week passed pretty quick. This week has been an example of why it is possible weekly updates are a little too frequent. I managed to get a 2 day illness mid week. Then on friday night I had an feeling of extreme tiredness or burn out and have spent most of the weekend relaxing while suffering from a headache as I have cut out the caffiene for a while. Read more →


I used to like the saying that good programmers are lazy programmers and I still agree with the notion just I shifted in the way I think it should be expressed. Talk about laziness and good programming practice to practically any programmer and they will understand what you mean. It is certain not goofing off and making paper airplanes. I won’t bother to explain what it is as chances are you are a programmer or at least tech savvy if you are reading this. Read more →