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2017 Mid January Update

So it has been a few weeks and I promised to restart updates today so here is an update…

First up some changes. I have decided to drop down to monthly updates. It is an experiment to see how I like it. I am also slightly worried that publishing these weekly updates is letting me think I am progressing well as I am publishing. If I get to the end of the year and find most of my work has been publishing updates I will be a little disappointed. The risk is with a lower update frequency I will not feel any pressure to produce.

I decided to give it a go. I am going to allow myself to post adhoc updates if I so desire but I am commited to monthly update posts now.

The New Year is always to time to reflect and along with the many fitness and healthy eating goals I usually set myself I have decided to spend some time learning how to create 3D models. I have failed many times in learning developing skills in this area.

Usually I decide to learn blender but honestly that is usually my downfall. It is a professional level application that has a learning curve to match. I installed it, looked at it and decided to look for something different. Blender would defintely do everything I want but it didn’t look fun learning it. So I decided to take a look at Wing3D. For me this looks like the sweet spot between not too complicated and having enough functionality. It doesn’t support animation but my goals it to learn to model things. I also supsect many of the skills developed would transfer over to blender if I decide I need more features.

I only mention this as it is a bit geeky so belongs here.

The past week or so I have been focussed on messing around with my little 2D engine. It is really good fun to code but I get the feeling that I am repeating work done by many others. I get the feeling that I should be using LibGDX and just getting on with producing games. Then I remember why I sort of went off java, well at the time android only supported Java 6 and not having lambda functions is pretty much a show stopper for me these days.

On a personal note I had a great couple of weeks off and feel refreshed for the year ahead. I was feeling pretty burned out in the later part of last year but I am pretty excited for the year ahead. Whatever it brings.


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