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Speccy Nation Book Review

This was a christmas present that was a short read devoting a page or two to a collection of spectrum games that the author either liked a lot, though were influential or demonstrated how the more whacked out humour of the time.

I was not a spectrum user back in the day, although I did crash at my friends house and play them late into the night so I have memories of the machine but would not say they were formative.

Not having read amy historic/retro gaming books but did find myself really enjoying reading the pages. Not having given it much thought before but the author pointed out that the humour of the games were very much of a british type and often going into biszar part of it.

There are lots of ways I would like to see this, already good, book improved such as a slightly longer focus on some games or perhaps some memories from the original developers if they were contactable.

It is pretty short and a nicely written read. I was left wanting a more as It won’t keep you going for more than an evening but it is priced accordingly so I am fine with that.

Worth buying if you are into that sort of thing or even if you think you might be into that sort of thing.


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