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Progress Jan 2017

Well January was not a productive months and I think I knew it was not going to be at the start of the month contributing to my decision to not do weekly updates.

There was no single factor that hindered progress more a combination of many little things. None of which are interesting enough to discuss. I am hoping I am past most of them now.

In fact I am looking forward to getting my head down this February and actually coding something.

First a continuation of my story about programming languages. When I last wrote I had decided to head in the direction of libGDX but I just was not feeling the flow. I have previously enjoyed libGDX but this time round I just did not enjoy it. So after a day or two I decided to flip to C++ and use SDL.

This seems to be fitting my mindset at the moment. I briefly flirted with the rust programming language. It looks great but from my point of view is still a little immature when looking at its libraries. Rust is on my list to revisit later in the year to see how it’s progressing. Every month it is looking more and more like a C++ replacement with an actual chance of success. I had high hopes for D at one point but it never seemed to get the much needed mind share.

It might not be clear to you but I code in C++ all day meaning I am not about to embark on a giant learning curve. I have, however, spent a great deal of time reading this month. In doing so finding myself drawn to data orientated programming of which C++ is ideally suited to. It is a fascinating subject and well worth reading about. I don’t know how well my brain will gel to it in actual practice.

This morning I have been running through game ideas. The one I had at the start of the month is a little ambitious so I am looking for something more limited in scope. This is particularly important is I want to experiment with a data orientated style of coding.

While I am on the subject of C++ it has been a while since I used it at home so tooling on linux has been a bit of an adventure. Currently I am settled on KDevelop and am using meson as a build generator. Both seem to be working but I don’t have enough experience with them to comment.

Anyway enough of my rambling.


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