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Well I am a day late with this update. It’s that crazy christmas time again and that means guests and other good distractions.

The time I managed to spend time taking a deeper look at SAT (Separation of axis therom). Well I say deep but once you get the idea it’s coneptually simple and the implementation is also pretty simple.

The side effect of this is I now have the breakout clone worknig how I want it to. I do feel like I have been building way too much infrastructure for this game and am feeling like I need to get it shipped even if the quality if pretty low. On the plus side I am not 100% confortable with unit testing in dart and have messed with the built in debugger the comes with the Dart plugin for Atom. It’s ok but nothing to write home about. It does get the job done.

I have also spent a bit more time with emacs. I like orgmode but the dart plugin is terrible. While I may continue to use emacs for note taking and planning I will definitly be sticking with Atom for coding in dart.

I also started messing around with writing my own parser generator. I may create an article for this but I am not sure yet. I am 1hr into figuring it out.

The next couple of weeks are going to be hit and miss with me. They could be productive times as I have some time off but the spare time could also consumed by other events.

I have decided that I will go with the flow and not worry about the this project at all. That may mean there are no updates for a while or the frequency will increase. I will definitly start updating again on the 8th of January.


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