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Wow another week passes. Time is really flying at the moment. This week has unfortunatly been a slow one. I seem to spend a great deal of my time either asleep I think I had a mild illness. Most of the household have been knockedout with colds. I visited friends this week. Time at the keyboard was limited to say the least.

I kind of predicted this last week as I had limited goals. I increased my understanding of Dart Streams and I have pretty much finished the article on why Dart. I didn’t spend any time coding on my next game. I am slightly concerned about losing momentum on it.

The goals for this week are

  • Post the article about Why Dart. Include final proof reading.
  • Rewrite the game engine event handling system based on my increased understanding of streams.
  • Start writing a small discussion article about what I did with streams. My ideas are pretty simple.

Today I spent some time thinking about the weekly goals and realised I need a little bit more of plan on where I want to head over the year. That way I can ensure the week goals do not gradually drift of in directions I don’t want. While it is on my mind at the moment I think I will delay some of this bigger thinking until week 10. At that point I will have 10 weeks of data and can do a bigger review and work out what to change to make the process smoother.

That is it for me this week.


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