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Well what I thought was a mild illness raised it head this week and put me alseep on the sofa for about 3 days straight. I am still recovering now. This is starting to feel like a blog about catching colds at the moment. I don’t suffer from colds to often but the roll of the dice have been not good the past couple of weeks. Illness matter as I don’t get much codinog done. The ability to think goes early in the process of being ill and is one of the last attributes to return. The earliest indicator of me getting an illness is I go off coffee - weird I know.

I did spend a productive time refactoring the engine part of my game to be an actual library contained in its own directory in the break out clone. Not being its own repro is deliberate. I want the freedom to evolve it as I write this mini games without the need to be backwardly compatible, copying the directory game to game makes this explicit. Creating a git repro will is predicated on the rate of change to the core code slowing down. The abstractions are still a little leaky in the sense you still know you are coding to the web. I would like the make it so you are umaware you are coding a browser game. Whether that actually happens I don’t know, infact having written it I am not even sure if it worth working towards. Being able to switch between canas and WebGL rendering without changing game code it worth it but going any further is questionable at the moment.

Given how little engine code there is it’s something I will have to worry about for a long while.

I did manage to post the Why Dart article although I didn’t get onto a post about how I use streams. This week I am not going to set any goals other than work on the break out clone. The reason being I am not sure I have fully shaken this cold/illness so it’s possible it may rear it head again. I don’t want to pressure myself.

While ill I played through A Dark Room. I missed it when it was first released. It is awesome how captivating a simple Text based game can be - A pefect game for someone with a heavy cold. Although I am sitting well in it target audience. Reading about it revleals it was popular on mobile.

While I am still using Atom, I do find myself missing Vim a lot. I tried the emulator in Atom a while ago but did get on with it that well, perhaps I should try it again. Certainly the Dart plugin on Vim is not up to the level that Atom it at. Moving to Vim and coding in Dart would be a productivity Drop for me at the moment. I may experiment a bit at some point perhaps a simple command line app or a Text Adventure. I find using Vim a nice experience.

Anyway enough from me at the moment.


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