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This week I worked on the collision detection in my breakout clone. This pretty much meant I wrote code to detect collisions between Circles and axis aligned rectangles as well as thinking about how to handle collision response. Once these two a bedded down I am one step away from a basic physics engine, the final step being updating positions with velocities. My focus appears to have become writing some reusable components and this is greatly adding to the development time of the game. At the moment I am seeing how this pans out but I may drag myself back to being more focused on actually completing the games if it looks like it will cause a serious delay.

I also started work on a little post about some code I wrote using streams use to handle input in my little game engine. It should be ready this coming week. What is interesting is writing the post acted like a code review for me and I discovered a bug. Kind of nice that this article is serving the goal of publishing more while also helping me to find bugs in my code.

To my shame I haven’t been writing unit test, probably time to start. If adding tests is not a hassle then I actually like writing unit tests. It the figuring out all the edge case the I like, appeals to my brain. The main reason I have avoided writing them so far is I wanted to get into the language before expanding to surrounding areas.

The other observation is blogging about code in a detailed way can act like a code review for someone working on their own.

A couple of weeks back I added google analytics to this site. Fast forward to today I am gradually starting to get visitors. Not many and most are probably bots. I am not going to get too into the stats nor am I going to publish them, they are embarrassingly small at the moment. My own personal visits far out weight the combined visits of non bots at the moment.

As we are fast approaching 10 weeks into this challenge it is an appropriate time to do a bit of a review. Although it does feel like I am just getting going it if I am honest.

This week my goals are finish of the collision work on the breakout clone and spend at least two hours working on the Stream article and spend some time thinking about a review article for ten weeks in. It will probably be a 12 week review by the time I actually get it written.


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