Mar 08, 2018 · 160 words · 1 min(s)


I have written a fair number of games in the past. At one point I did it commercially for a medium sized company, in more recent years as a hobby. It is good fun.


Avoid the blocks. Sort of a warm up game to try out a small library call Raylib and to gain a bit of experience with compiling to webassembly. The game is not original not that well implemented. The time it took to create is a matter of hours, spread over a few days, that included getting to grips with the library.

Pre 2018 I used to host a few of my web games here but they have gradually been lost over time. I have also published a reasonable number of Hobby games on android but they too are falling into disrepair. So I won’t be linking to those here.

Really I want to focus of from 2018 and onward. The futures is always more exciting.