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Do people read blogs anymore? I do, but I usually assume I am not a typical internet user. Most people have moved over to social media but is there say 1% of people who still read blogs?

I ask as I don’t really know people who follow blogs. At least it does not come up in discussion, I do hear “Did you see on reddit” but that is a different type of allegiance. You read and follow a subreddit rather than a particular blog. I have certainly heard RSS is dead which I don’t quite believe. This blog has an RSS feed!

A blog was traditionally a public diary about the whole or niche part of someones life. Most blogs I used to read were people on journeys into the world of technology or perhaps sport/health. Perhaps they were trying to set up a one person games company or develop an app. Or just talking about what they where learning.

I admit to missing those days, perhaps vlogs on YouTube and Twitch serve this niche. They are perhaps more suited to out going people, while a written blog perhaps favours the more considered person.

In both blogs and Vlogs the more of yourself you put into them the longer I tended to read them. I could get dry technical articles in many places but [B/V]logs with a narrative really stick out in my mind. So I wonder if they are even a smidgen of popularity left in them.

Why am I thinking about this? Well recently I have seen some technical people decide to either leave social media and greatly pol reduce their usage. Some are returning to blogs. Some who decide to stay delete all posts after 30 days to avoid something finding something they said 10 years ago and attacking them with it.

Many cite increasing polarity of views in people along with why provide content to owners of social media companies when they deliberately attempt to increase the polarity of people on their platform. I should add an allegedy somewhere in this paragraph but only if you really want me to.

For business owners there is also the element of wanting to drive traffic to your own sites. While business owners need to go where the people are, they also, in a very small way, influence where people go. Providing unique content on their site is one way of doing this.

Personally I have never had a smidgen of popularity either blogging or on social media. I use social media to keep up with friends and family with the exception of twitter where I try to follow technically inclined thinkers. As such this is a bit of a none issue for me. I do however find it interesting.

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