Early May Update 2018

May 08, 2018 · 553 words · 3 min(s)

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It has been a while and I have been busy but in a spin lock sort of way. Going at full steam but at the end of the day nothing to show for it :)

I have flipped flopped on a number of things, build a small wrapper library around SDL2 that serves as a game engine, building a lexer and parser for a small language idea I had and a number of other things that I was sure I would remember when I started to write this.

On the positive side I seem to have moved over to using CLion. My evaluation is about to run out soon and I will be purchasing it once it does. It is not without its faults but gives the best out of the box C/C++ experience on linux that I can find.

The faults are probably down to my inexperience with IDE rather than anything intrinsic to the product. The Zero set up is what sold it to me, although I still cannot bring myself to like CMake. It is something I can live with.

I also seem to have slipped back into using C, I was using a limited subset of C++. I code all day in C++ so am quite familiar with its many features so this is not a middle age guy returns to his programming youth story. I just really dislike waiting for things to build, using a limited range of C++ or C lets me avoid that.

It was, probably, Mike Acton who said “Projects don’t fail because you can’t type fast enough” and that kind of resonates with me. I should add stuff I build is at home is pretty small in terms of scope and lines of code and I also flip flop on this and return to C++ on a regular basis. No hard and fast opinions here.

I do like how C make me approach things from a different point of view and I often feel I have a better understanding of a problem if I code it in C, even if I have previously coded a C++ version. C++ makes certain things easy that C doesn’t, so my brain looks for different solutions. Modern tooling, that’s valgrind and clang-tidy, helps to smooth the process. I wonder if I coded in C all day whether C++ would give a similar alternative perspective on solving problems?

I should add I like C++ but worry that people (myself included) pile on abstraction after abstraction without fully understanding or perhaps appreciating the costs. Coding in C is nice medicine to prevent that.

The plan had been to take part in Ludum Dare a few week back, unfortunately a combination of real life events meant I didn’t get time to prep. In particular the drawing side of things was not great. I had the mind to spend a month with Krita but Ludum Dare crept up on me. Even my Inkscape skills have dropped low enough that I would spend a reasonable amount of time just figuring out the tooling again. In the end I put off Ludum Dare for another time.

So I feel like I am at a similar state as I was in January in terms of progressing projects. A C- on the goals for the year!