int main() {
   printf("One editor to rule them all");

I’ve mentioned my attempts to simplify my live a little bit, OK in quite a big way. The goal is to focus on important stuff and try to remove the noise topics.

Part of desire here is to have increased clarity so I can make decisions on what to do and learn without ending up going round in learning circles. Skipping from one topic to another while not getting spending enough time in each topic to master it. That’s how I have felt over the past few years, Plenty of big topics I would like to cover but surprisingly little advancement in tackling them.

I have been looking to step off the treadmill of advancements a little bit. Keeping up with the latest editor features or even many language improvements just don’t’ seem to pay off in any big way. When I learn something now it either has to be a long term goal or something that I am reasonably sure will payoff in a reduction of complexity in my life. Emacs is kind of both. Sure Emacs is not cool but it is stable, has good support, and is versatile. A tool worth using.

The more I do in Emacs the more likely I am to continue to use it and not be tempted to jump ship, it is remarkable how much time can be lost configuring editors. Having said that I am pragmatic so I may end up using CLion for C++/Rust if the projects get a little big but I want to do as much as possible in Emacs.

And now to the substance of the post. I am a minority in that I still use RSS feeds, mostly for small blogs that I enjoy reading. I had a search around and it appeared Emacs lets you read RSS feed using Elfeed.

I was not expecting much if I am honest. The HTML rendering is OK and after a while I could see the grace in its simplicity while being quite readable. I quickly got used to it and quickly found myself wondering why I had not tried it before. The tagging and filtering is great, plus it is totally keyboard driven.

While I have not tried other desktop RSS reader I find Elfeed terrific and way beyond what I need. I won’t be wasting time looking at any others and it means I can drop the merry go round of web based readers and their frequent closures.

I do wonder if it will scale, but as I only follow about 30 blogs that post fairly infrequently and I am not frequently adding to the list I don’t think it will be a problem for me.

Apparently there is a twitter plugin as well. I should investigate that at some point.

I really should do a post on why I am using Emacs but I would prefer to do that once I am a little further along the planned path of change I have.

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2019-07-10 23:00 +0000