Evidence Based Software Engineering

int main() {
   printf("Let's look at the Data!\n");

I have long held the opinion that Psychology could answer some of the questions we have about programming languages. On one hand a programming languages are technical constructs that are transformed into something the computer can run. On the other they are a human interface problem that we should use the, if limited, understanding of the brain to minimise errors in logic and maximise rate at which a human can understand a new bit of code.

This cross section is why I find Programming languages so fascinating.

I had not found a good book on the subject nor had I came across many research papers. I admit I had not tried that hard. I recently came across this book, Evidence-Based Software Engineering. While it only an early draft it is an attempt at using evidence in thinking about the development process. It can be slightly dense but fascinating reading and as it is free you have not reason to not take a flick through it.

On a personal note: I am feeling fairly burnt out. Tiredness has hit, so I have not picked up the momentum I would have liked on personal projects. I know to now beat myself about it.

It is amazing how difficult it is to choose between Rust and C++. One I know really well while the other has plenty of nice features. I want to commit to one for about 6 months without reconsidering. One hour I am I should use Rust and the next it is C++.

Rust has the potential to be efficient as the tooling is great. Unit tests simple to set up and the build system is pain free. Rust features are very alluring. C++ is a steady eddy choice. I know it really well and that means I know its pain points. It also builds a little faster.

If I apply Logic then taking the hit of learning Rust at the moment does not make sense. To progress with any projects I should not embark on learning another programming language that does not tick all the boxes. Rusts slow compile times along with a not quite minimal approach to the language keep me interested in Zig and Jai.

Having written this I have to agree with myself and decide to use C++ for the next 6 months.

I also feel like I have a back log of many items to finish before my brain will be clear to think. Weirdly this include finishing a series I am enjoying on Netflix’s and making a dent in my reading list. Perhaps it is the alluded to burn out/extreme tiredness but my brain feels heavy.

I did say this was going to be a bit of a what I had for my dinner type of blog and I don’t plan on worrying too much about what I write.

July is going to be an attempt to clear things a little. Then my brain can relax into solving problems. I will start to write some code but not push myself. I will attempt to get though a few of the backlog of books and sort out the mild burnout I seem to be suffering from. That’s the plan anyway.

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