First Post

int main() {
   printf("Hacking at the trees of knowledge %i\n", 100);

It is not really a first post as this site has existed in one form or another for a fair number of years. This is just yet another reboot. Traditionally I take a few moments to explain why the reboot and what I hope to put on this site.

The old website had stagnated,in part because I wanted perfections. I created my own theme that was very similar to this one. I only wanted to put interesting good quality content on the site and really present a good image of myself.

Trouble is that is not me. Yes I occasionally like to write interesting, in my opinion, articles about various topic but no frequently enough to fill a web site so this website became a bit of a ghost town. I never really bother to set up analytics or even comments.

From another point of view I didn’t have my writing process smooth enough as I just was not posting frequently enough to iterate on the process.

So if writing articles is not me then what is me? Well honestly I like blogging, I don’t mind if no one read is. I find benefits from from doing it anyway.

  1. It is motivational having a public blog.
  2. Frequent blogging corelates with productivity on personal projects.
  3. I enjoy being able to look over previous post and seeing the journey.
  4. It is encourages to be more curious, think deeper with increased clarity.

Number 4 is enough reason to blog on its own, the rest are icing on the cake.

So what the content of this blog going to be?

Mmm well it will be anything and everything. Kind of like a traditional life blog. Heck I might even post pictures of my breakfast. It will contain some math, code and thoughts on coding and thoughs on simplifying process and code. Really just the things I am interested. If you are not into those things well, errr, you might find something you like as I suspect I will post on other topics.

Finally to finish of this post. I hold any view point fairly lightly. I change my mind on many things and know my views are not the same as they were five or ten years ago so it is likely my current view will change. To state that in a less subtle way: *I am often wrong* so if you disagree with me, don’t worry at some point in the future I will probably agree with you…

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2019-06-24 23:00 +0000