Sort of Goal Setting 2020

int main() {
   puts("Be the best you can be :)\n");

This is my third and final post on goal setting. Having reached the conclusion it is probably better to just not specify specific goals rather focus on changes to process. I suspect I am doomed to fail if I try to change too much at once and the general changes it looking already looking pretty big.

The changes are:

  • Use spaced repetition learning(SRL) for technical topics. Here less is more, so no pressure to get through many topics. The idea is to experiment with retaining the understanding using SRL rather than letting it slip away over a period of a few months of not being used. So if I only cover a couple of topics in the year that is fine. I am slightly tempted to alternate chapters of a couple of different technical books, as a way to stress test this method.
  • Main coding project for the first quarter is a small interpreter using the Rust programming language. Rust is a candidate for SRL.
  • Reading, I have a huge backlog. Being clear on what I am reading for entertainment and what I am reading to develop a long lasting understanding of the topic is not very important. It is probably a fool’s errand to try to reduce the pile of books waiting to be read. They are a popular gift to me for Birthdays and Christmas.
  • It is ok to trade light educational material for pure entertainment. I am thinking more gaming here.
  • Use structured courses (perhaps from Udemy) to grow my artistic skills. This is an experiment to determine if these types of structured course work well for topics where I have no skills. If they can teach me then they can teach anyone.
  • Move my diet away from processed foods. Weight loss and general health are rooted in the success of this.
  • Financially, continue to grow my investments. In the grand scheme of things they are not significant but as a hobby I enjoy I feel they should have an entry here.
  • Do some serious endurance training. That is get back into 20-30 runs. This is predicated on weight loss and does not have to be fast. Evidence seems to indicate regular long runs at anything but low intensity pace are not great for long term health. This is also provide me a great time to think.
  • Use social media to interact a little more, start to build some connections. I am reasonably social in real life, if a little quite at times. Online my interactions are limited and I use social media in a posting not interacting way. I have no wish to spend my time righting wrongs on social media but feel I could improve in my interactivity a little in this area.
  • Writing on a blog that gets a tiny number of readers is a good use of time as it has personal benefits.

When attempting to change it is not so much about the change or goal that determines success but what you are willing to give up in order to achieve it.

Things I will reduce.

  • Passive entertainment or education. These are not a great way to use you time and often indicate that I should be asleep rather than doing them. These are things like netflix, youtube, tech news sites. I don’t include books on this list as while they can fit the criteria I have got quite good at selecting what I want to read.
  • Unstructured learning. That is wow that looks like an interesting thing, 4 hours later I return from a dive into the internet. If it looks interesting add it to the list of things to learn. I suspect a few days later I would delete it, everything new seems exciting.
  • Late nights, they usually involve passive entertainment and the tiredness result in bad choices in terms of diet, exercise and free time activity choices.

That covers my major time sinks. Really most of this post comes down to, think and act with clarity heads towards a place where you want to be. That sounds a little too self help book for me so a big list is it.

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