Just Thinking: June 2019

int main() {
   printf("What now?\n");

So the website is now up and I am doing a wondering post about what next/where my brain it at.

At the start of the year my goal was to produce more, that is actually publish some of my personal projects. I have had a number of false starts and it possible I am about to embark on another one. Either way it’s rethink time.

One of the problems is my range of technical interests is a little too diverse. I have the ability to waste time trying out different text editors, worrying about different build systems or even trying to decide on what programming language to use. It can really end up in a merry go round while I try to discover the optimal setup for getting things done.

Of course I don’t get much done…

One strategy I have had this year has been to stream my programming sessions. This is kind of putting yourself out there to be judged so there is pressure to be productive. This actually works really well assuming I remember to speak and am not too tired.

Traditionally blogging has helped, and I hope it will this time as well. I have to be productive to have something to write about.

The final strategy I want to try is getting a broader picture. My brain likes to learn new things, while I am learning about different programming languages and keep up with the news on them it encourages me to flip around. Instead if I focus on concepts and maths I can satisfy my brains desire to learn without feeling the need to switch around. Sure I might end up writing some code/posts about different computing concepts or maths but I think that would make a nice change.

I am also going try to constrain myself. I plan to use Emacs as my main editor, Cl ion is a backup for Rust or C++. This blog is being written in Emacs, I now read rss feeds in Emacs and I will probably check out whether it is possible to use Twitter in Emacs. The more I push into Emacs the less likely I am going to change editors. Of course note taking will be doing using org-mode, an awesome Emacs plugin.

Finally I am looking to constrain the number of programming languages I use/play with. I am thinking either C++ or Rust along side Python. This is still undecided as choosing between Rust and C++, for me at least, is really hard.

Once these decisions are made I am going to try to stick to them for at least 6 months.

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