Life 10-July-2019

int main() {
   printf("Read them books!");

Welcome back for another meandering post that constitutes my life.

I finally took stock of the books I want to read and it is a fairly substantial list and I am going to be fairly resistant to adding any more.

There are a couple of books missing, one on genetic algorithms and one another AI book but you get the gist. It’s certainly more books than I was expecting and not something it is reasonable to rush through. A steady pace through them so they can be enjoyed.

Some of the books like Linear Algebra Done Right, Common Lisp, On Lisp and Gravity’s Rainbow have been books on my list for quite some time. So it will be nice to get onto those. I should add the list doesn’t specify the order.

You may notice there is a fair number of lisp books on there. It is a language that I have wanted to learn for a long time even if I am convinced Statically Typed languages are the way to go for any reasonable sized system. Dynamic languages do have a part to play in exploratory programming. I had thought to use python but figure Lisp might fit the bill and would be fun to learn.

So if I did nothing else I might get through the reading list in about a year! But the plan is to do other stuff.

I started work on a simple game! Just a repeat of a previous game I made so nothing exciting. I am using raylib and C++. I expect this to take the rest of the month. It is more I am not going to be devoting too much time to it.

On a personal front. I am attempting to diet as my weight has been stubbornly high. I exercise a fair bit so it is just the case of eating too much. I am also attempting to do a simple daily Yoga routine to work on my flexibility.

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