Life 19-November-2019

int main() {
   puts("I heart Flu");

I admit it has been a while and here I am yet again attempting to get my digital life humming along again. Hello internet it has been a while.

Before writing this I briefly considered converting the blog a more topic based one rather than a personal one. For some reason I thought it might motivate me to write more. It never does, doing stuff motivates me to write blog posts.

I also got the gift of the Flu, a wonderful gift which included something called reactive arthritis. I had not heard of it and it is one to google if you feel like it. The only possible benefit from the Flu or other bad colds is a clarity that I often get when recovering.

It is weird feeling as my brain is functioning at about 50% but I have not moved from a sofa for a good number of days my brain is not cluttered with any thoughts. It gives a sort of inner peace or silence that enables me to think and make decisions.

If I could achieve this when my brain was fully recovered I would be very happy, but alas it fades once I am healthy and life gets busy. Perhaps I should have another run on simplifying my life to remove distractions.

Anyway part of this thought process was the reminder that the reason I blog is to record and motivate myself. Just writing articles would not achieve this and would end up with another failure to blog.

It is also fine to not blog and not something to beat myself up about. In fact never beat yourself up about anything is a good rule for life.

I stopped blogging for a while in part because I found a rhythm in coding. I would spend an hour learning, in this case OpenGL and then an hour or two coding. Occasionally I would watch a movie or TV series. The pattern was actually quite nice. Alas I have stumbled so need to regain the productive habit

Now I am faced with recovering from Flu (this was not a bad cold but genuine Flu) it will be a good number of weeks before energy levels return to where they should be and tackling projects can continue with reasonable progress.

I took the opportunity of a slow brain to simplify some parts of my life, mostly related to reviewing recurring outgoings. It is possible for this to build up and you end up working a certain number of hours a month to pay for things that bring not joy or purpose to your life. Stopping these is a reduction in the things I have to think about!

On the hit list was the TV license. In the UK we have to have one to watch broadcast TV. In return we get the BBC without any advertising on it. It is an interesting idea and worth reading a bit about it. It is also very outdated and we would have stopped paying years ago except one of our children enjoyed watching certain channels, which they have now outgrown.

I say outdated as it caters for less and less of it potential audience (the UK population) so the number of people owning a TV license is dropping resulting in increases in the prices of a license. This is a downward spiral that I can’t see them recovering from, there online presense doesn’t seem to have the mindshare required to make it a success. Although I don’t think the BBC will die within the next decade just it’s audience is aging. I cannot see my children even considering buying a TV license, they just don’t consume media that way. Heck I don’t either.

I like to make, small, investments in the stock market. Nothing life changing just a hobby. I have not been tracking the fees they charge and at some point they moved to a monthly fee resulting in the service I use being more expensive than it should be. So I am in the process of changing to a different service.

In total, the savings amount to about £20 a month so not quite enough to take the family out for a meal although it will pay for a family coffee out.

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