Life 19-September-2019

int main() {
   puts("I C you");

So I took a quick look at Rust again. I have probably said it before but I like Rust. Its enhanced checks done by the compiler are a significant plus over C++. Build times also seem similar to C++ and the language is slightly simpler.

It is probably not ideal for all situations. I suspect if you are not sure what you are building it won’t be great. Exploratory programming when you really want the language to get out of your way so you can think about a subject and not worry about the engineering part.

This little trip into Rust was to determine if it was ready (for me) to do game dev. Things have certainly improved but it still looks like it is not quite ready. I am optimistic but caution myself to that no library has hit version 1.0 so should be treated as unstable with possibly many unfound edge case bugs.

Hitting version 1.0 would at least be a mark the teams creating the libraries are confident they are reasonbly stable. For me this is the biggest show stopper for any use of Rust, the libraries don’t seem quite ready. Like I say I am optimisitic just need to give it time.

I used to be concerned about compile times but they seem to be improving and seem compariable to C++. Sure it won’t ever hit C’s compilation speed but as it is doing more that’s an acceptable trade off.

So C won this round :) I started converting over from the building SDL2 rendering to using OpenGL. Sure my OpenGL skills are not great, it has been a while since I used it but it starting to come back to me.

It is a shame as I had hoped that I could avoid OpenGL entirely. I am using it to gain access to compiling to WASM. WebGPU is going to replace WebGL but I think it is at least a year off and probably more for widespead adoption. My plan has been to mess around using the SDL2 and make a few things until it looked liked WebGPU was ready and then move to that. I have plenty of project ideas to fill that time but I guess I will spend it bit of time in OpenGL. Not planned but should at least be fun.

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