Life 20th-August-2019

int main() {
   printf("Surfing - the traditional one");

An expect slight drop in pace as we enter the summer time fun. I think I mentioned in a previous entry the my family are getting slightly addicted to surfing. The one you do in the sea rather then the internet experience we have all been addicted to for a long time.

In the UK the sea is not warm enough to surf all year round so August is probably the best month to do it. So we have been going a lot, due to the now recovering knee injury I am behind most and haven’t quite managed to stand up on a surf board. Well I stand and then instantly fall off.

My weight and programmer arms don’t exactly make the whole process particularly easy in the first place…

My other half is currently modding a Van to better hold surf boards. She says it is a bit like arts and crafts but on a larger scale.

Looking at it I have done surprisingly little in the way of coding at home. I have had a strong feeling of burn out so eased off. It is pretty easy to spot just by tracking the number of cups of coffee I drink over a day! So at the start of the Summer break, focused on surfing, I decided to have a few days totally away from the computer and am pleased to say the feeling is starting to pass.

Enough personal stuff. I am still working on the the little game project even if progress has been zero over the past week and I do keep thinking about programming languages.

Watching the Jai language update about Macros made me quite happy. Macro systems are usually little languages unto themselves so to see an the way Jai is planning on implementing them was a breath of fresh air. Much of the power of Lisp macros wrapped in an easy to understand system. Of course the language is not released yet but at least you know the team working on it have a reasonably good reputation for releasing code - eventually.

The next week or two I will be surprised if I get much done technology wise, the focus is on family activity but so expect things to return to normal in September.

Oh and yes I am going to try to avoid giving estimates of when I expect things to be finished, unless I am 100% committed to achieving them.

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