Life 23-January 2020

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The plan is not to hold myself to regular update schedule but I will attempt to do a few updates even if I don’t have much to say. Mostly motivation and for tracking progress.

No news is good news as it means things are going to plan. I have been gradually trying to set habits that lead to increased productivity. With productivity being defined as taking, well I guess my life, in the direction I want. So deliberate and consistent steps in the right direction.

The current major project is write an interpreter. I am using Rust to write it. It is fair to say I have been playing with Rust for a year or two but honestly I don’t have anything insightful to say about it. At times in the past I have found that it was not quite there, this was not usually the core langauge rather the ecosystem not have quite reached maturity, at least for my use cases. At the moment I am finding it fairly productive but will reserve judgement until I have written more lines of code in it.

Learning wise the Pixel Art course from Udemy is going quite nicely. I am learning even if I am probably not practising enough. It is good fun. Last night I was exploring using Krita for pixel art as prior to that I was using a fairly limited app. Using Krita gets me familiar with a program that is adaptable to other art styles, which is an added bonus.

The other strand is the spaced repetition learning approach to technical things. I seem to have taken a couple of weeks to get settled in how to approach this. I plan to work on a topic for a week or two, say a chapter of a book or similar sized bit of work and then create a series of questions in Anki to solidify the learning. I can then choose to move to a different subject or continue with a another chunk on the same subject.

If I am excited I can continue if not I move on with the option to return to it later. It sort of lets me learn what I find exciting but also lets me flip around subjects that interest me. Anki (space repetition learning) should allow me to store enough understanding to return to a subject with ease.

That is the theory and this year is going to let me test the theory. For now I am doing a basic introduction to AI, well neural networks and have just created a number of questions on Preceptrons.

This covers a lot of the more interesting changes. I am also gradually increasing fitness, drifting my weight downwards and a number of other small changes. All seem to be heading in the right direction.

At some point these updates will change back to the interesting things I have done or learnt rather than talking about process and the setting of habits.

It occurs to me that once I have created a set of questions in Anki for a topic and have spent some time learning them, I should be able to write a blog post about or give an ad hoc introduction whiteboard talk about them. I should be able to do this without the need to look things up. I could view this as a way to test my understanding of an area. Just thinking about how to teach it would be yet another way of semi-permanently storing it in my brain.

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