Life 4-July-2019

int main() {
   printf("Brain the size of a planet and all I do...");

Warning another long rambling post with low information content

I feel time pressured almost constantly at the moment. It’s probably just a stage of my life but I feel the need to simplify everything to reduce this. Perhaps simplify is not the correct word, more accurate is I feel the need to remove cognitive load so I can focus on what is important. There is a lot in life that requires immediate attention but is not actually that high up the importance list, although they may feel like they are number one at the time.

This differs from person to person so I won’t list mine just try to be aware of them. Opportunity cost comes into it as well, If I do A then I put off doing B but B is more important to me than A. Logically it is weird as I often end up doing A, maybe it’s easier to do A and give my brain a dopamine hit?

Personally I find the more things that require immediate attention the less I am able to think clearly about what is important, creating a vicious circle. Hence the desire to simplify and remove distractions.

Goal settings leak into the topic as well, I have been pretty bad at setting them recently (past 5 years). Most of my current goals are learning ones but the learning is not directed so it is easy to fall into the familiar trap of incremental learning around say programming languages rather than tackling harder topics like AI or certain branches of Maths.

My instinct is telling me this is a multi stage process. “Just try to improve things by 5%” would be a good mantra to have at the moment.

I have started the process but I think it is going to take a couple of months to get from where I am to where I want to be. Kind of take a compass bearing and start off and head off in the right direction - knowing I will get somewhere eventually.

There is progress

To be positive, I am succeeding at least in my, at home, technical life. I have settled on Emacs as my main editor. Slowly I am attempting to integrate more of my life in it to keep me anchored to it. I have Clion as a backup with a good debugger. I hate to think of all the time I have wasted switching between editors in the search for perfection. There is a balancing act with Emacs as customisation is an addictive sport that I don’t want to get to deeply into.

There probably going to be a lot more post likes this as I figure out the process and decide where I want to go. I am afraid the main benefit is for me as I log my progress and use writing as a way of clarifying my thinking.

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