Life 7-September-2019

int main() {
   puts("I took a break");

Another smallish life update.

So I took a break by that I mean I took in total 16 days off from work and enjoyed the summer with the family. Yes we were surfing, or in my case attempting to, nearly every day. When one of the children returned to school his friends thought he had a fake tan! Remembering we live in the UK that is an impressive feat.

I did a bit of coding but not that much. Hence the lack of blog posts. I seem to have slipped into C rather than C++ at the moment. After deciding to use a couple of GNU C extensions I actually find C fairly productive. Given the ease at which I can just use C++ if I need to the risk of wasting lots of time is small so I may as well enjoy a simple language for a while. I really appreciate C’s simplicity compared with the others.

I set a couple of goals for this month, one of them is to start streaming coding sessions again. Nothing major and no one really watches but it means I focus and don’t drift off topic. I tend to do this on YouTube.

I also managed to finished reading Data-Orientated Design by Richard Fabian. I really enjoyed the draft version published online a few years back but felt the first edition has been modified enough it lost some of its spark. I think but have not checked that some of the more interesting topics had been cut.

It is still a very good book and would recommend reading it if you want to learn more about performance orientated software.

I guess I should add I am well aware I am heading into my third month of trying to get productive but still have not produced anything more than a small blog. On the plus side my head feels like it is finally in the right place, I am feeling relaxed, chilled and excited about producing things while at the same time my head is not full of grandiose ideas that I am not in a position to complete. This contrasts well with the feeling of burn out that plagued the first part of August.

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