It has been a while since I wrote a what’s happening in life type of post. So here comes the train of thought.

I have been learning Lisp! We that is pretty obvious as I have been posting chapter summary reviews of On Lisp. But I have been doing more than that. As I mentioned in a previous post I am attempting to have four projects on the go at any one time. These are currently:

  1. Read Fiction
  2. Work though the On Lisp book.
  3. Work on the SDL Lazy Foo tutorials, using Lisp
  4. Fiddle with gaming stuff.

Yep I put reading fiction on the list. If I don’t I don’t progress. My long term aim is get through my collection of books. I have a serious number on the back catalogue but only a few of them are fiction.

On Lisp is turning out to be a very good book and I looking forward to sinking another 50hrs or so that will take to finish it!

Porting the SDL tutorials to Lisp was just a way to get me writing Lisp code. It is coming to an end as I feel I am really no getting much from it now.

Fiddle with gaming stuff is aptly titled as I really just do what I feel like. Sometimes I just practice pixel art. Other times I write some C or C++.

What I am currently trying to do is keep at least two of the tasks focused on Lisp in some way and have freedom to progress on other vectors removing the feeling of constraints. That means if I am bring the SDL Lazy Foo tutorial work to a close I need another project. I am playing with the idea tackling a book on ray tracing using lisp or perhaps actually writing a small game in lisp.

Finally if I can make Reading fiction a habit I make take it off this list :) Really it is the odd one out as it occurs at small breaks in the day rather than part of the project work time.

That’s, the incoherent update on projects. Other things are steady. I am still a work from home person, that is our office is currently closed as I am spending a lot of time at my desk I converted it over to a standing desk. That is I brought a frame from amazon and converted over the old oak kitchen table I have been using as a desk. It has taken about a week but I am now comfortable spending most of the day standing. My exercise levels have been pretty low so the legs have not been tried.

I would love to report amazing changes but honestly I barely notice a different. I do like standing as it make me move more and pace the room a little more. I am happy with the purchase and hopefully long term it will have positive benefits. You know like not dying early ! :)


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2020-09-14 21:08 +0000