Life 28th May 2020

int main() {
   puts("It is all about the grid man");

Wow it didn’t take me a couple of months to write another blog post! I know these are not high value posts but hey I don’t exactly get many readers so really the blog is just for me. Sorry this one is going to be a bit of a brain dump that jumps all over the place.

I have flipped back to creating a set of things(tasks) I want to get done calling them an iteration. This is an attempt to get a balance and progress on multiple fronts.

What this means is I am drawing around squares in a grid-ed notepad and writing words next to them. Occasionally I tick one off :)

I am not setting deadline but am attempting to keep them down to approximately a week worth of work. I am only a couple of iterations in so it’s solidified into a habit just yet.

The main project is a little compiler I am working on and over the past month I have streamed a number of times on twitch. The code is terrible! I mean really bad really it is a spike to explore and get something running.

The next iteration is to get a simple tree walking interpreter working. After which I am thinking alternate engineering/exploration tasks. I am combining this with reading Engineering a compiler book from 2013. It is a slow going as I am pacing it. Just one part of a chapter each iteration. Again attempting to not let any task take over.

Last weekend I finally managed to use the Raspberry Pi I brought a few months back for its intended purpose. That is explore electronics via the GPIO. Baby steps here I got an LED flashing on and off. I have a kit along with a few hundred pages of instructions. I am just following along :)

Finally I messed around a little more with RayLib but get the feeling that I will end up using SDL2. I am wondering if for fun it is worth memorising significant portions of the SDL2 API. It is old and stable and is not going anywhere. Would be an interesting task for spaced repetition. I am only half considering actually doing this :)

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