Life 01 April 2020

int main() {
   puts("A Lockin not longer means what it used to.");

In the UK the lock down is well underway, that is corona virus is continuing to do what is does in countries. It has already been in our household although thankfully only one of use any anything more than what could be considered mild. For the rest of us it is hotly debated whether we have even had it.

Logistically I am fortunate enough to still be working, just without the commute. I certainly know of a few people where things like the mortgage breaks has allowed them to socially distance themselves with less worry. They tend to be friend/family who are at higher risk.

I am trying to avoid talking about it as I try to make this blog about tech. But…

One of our children is fairly obsessed with Roblox. He has over the past year or two been into trying to learn how to do some development in that ecosystem. It has become it afternoon project during the lock down and is very proud that he has had actually people playing his game.

With this in mind, I spent a bit of time also learning it. Figuring it will give us a common topic to chat about. I admit I am slightly interested in learning this as I have not used a high level editor to create games. While I could have tried out Unity or Godot, Roblox will provide similar experience. So far I am only at the very basics of understanding, I have however been able to have a discussion about the CFrame and explain the very basic idea of a Vector3. So the experience gets a thumbs up from me.

As happens with in fairly regular fashion I got p***ed off at C++ and its complexity. That and the compiler error messages so I am currently writing code at home predominately in C. It is just simpler for what I do, so while I miss features in C++ the lifting of the cognitive load is nice when coding in the evening. I am confident I will not be looking at 50 line error messages. I think it is also refreshing to code in something different. Modern C++ and Modern C are now very different animals.

A raspberry Pi4 entered our household. I intended it as a stream music while I work device. By work I mean the day job. We are on a VPN with limited bandwidth shared between people. Having a small silent device on my personal WiFi and hooked up to my spare monitor seems to be working well.

For simple day to day use it works really well. Sure it’s not going to run Blender or Clion but as a daily driver for light tasks I am quite impressed, it is not quite at the I am going to use it all the time. I got the 4GB version. Strangely one of the things I really like is the default font used in Raspbian. Weird how that affects my overall impression.

Another side effect of working from home, along with long build times that C++ provides, is my flexibility is increasing as I can stretch a lot during the day. I also mess around with a kettle bell. The sort of thing you can do in the privacy of you own home that would be considered a little weird or annoying in an open plan office :)

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