Life 08 April 2020

int main() {
   puts("Life that we log");

It has been a strange few weeks in life. The adjustment to having everyone at home all the time is interesting to say the least. Coding at home wise I will go with not that productive in part because I am doing a fair amount of overtime at work. Well “Work” as in work from home. Without the commute I find myself being logged on more. Overtime is paid and by choice so this is not a story of sorrow. The down side is longer hours logged into work has meant I am less inclined to log in a fiddle with personal projects.

So I have cut back on what I am doing a bit to reflect the reduced time. The only project making progress is my little programming language. After a rewrite in C I am back to working on a simple AST evaluator for a very minimal language. I haven’t written a type checker yet and really just want to get something running. Then I can write tests and a type checker.

If I get the language to where it is usable I may restart some of the other projects in it. That’s a long way off.

I have a few technical posts I may or may not write. It is a bit of a trade off as writing them takes time and is something I would like to share. They are not original, but once code appears in a post it takes 2-5 times longer to write than these update style posts. I may try minimal style posts about them, as in “hey here’s the idea and a snippet of code” without any long examples to justify it.

So while satisfying at one level they do not take me towards my long term goals. The question I ask is: Is it the best us of my time? Invariably writing technical blog posts gets pushed down the list of priorities.

I realize I haven’t spoken about spaced repetition learning and the Anki app for a while. I am still using it and it seems to be working. So while I am not studying hard at the moment the knowledge seems to be sticking, so I should be able to pick up where I left off from with ease. That was kind of the goal, retention of knowledge.

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