Nov 07, 2018 · 390 words · 2 min(s)

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While setting up a new laptop I did a run through editors to settle on what to use with the rather crippled keyboards laptop ship with.

I noticed in the task manager the rough memory usage when a small project (1000 line of C++) was loaded in. Some are only text editors while other are full IDES so it is not a fair comparison but in each case I loaded in all of the cpp files.

Quite a difference. I should add Emacs had a fair number of plugins installed as I got fairly close to getting code completion work. Vim had less plugins installed. Everyone is bound to compare those two.

VSCode also had a number of plugins installed including the C++ , CMake and vim emulation plugins. I had problems with getting the CMake plugin to work smoothly.

Ideally I would have like to use Emacs (with vim emulation) but could not get code completion to work. So had to continue the search through different editors. Notepad++ was never a contender but included as a data point once I started to look at memory usage

While I doubt technically correct I view memory usage as a proxy for power usage and I like the idea of using something that sips from the battery.

Incidentally I am old enough to remember when Emacs was considered heavy weight and people complained about C(not C++) being slow to compile. How the world has changed.

Weirdly I settled on Clion. In part because it has a nice vim emulation layer and in part because I use it on my desktop. I was avoiding Visual studio as when at home I like to feel like I am not at work. Clion seems to be slightly ahead of VSCode at least for now.

Honestly I am not impressed by Clion using 1Gb but am appreciative of perhaps Java pre allocating more than it needs at the start. I might have a play on using Emacs user WSL. Perhaps installing spacemacs. Keeping Clion or Visual studio for when I need a debugger.

I should add I really enjoy using Clion on my desktop so this is not a dig at that ide.