Narrowing things down

int main() {
   printf("Narrow mode enabled");

This post is partially motivated by me finally trying out narrowing in org mode. I have heard it mentioned in a number of places so I figured it was time to try it. It allows you can hide most of your org mode file allowing you to focus on the sub tree you are interested in.

You activate it with C-x n s and then use the command widen to exit it. Type M-x narrow<tab> to see the options on what you can narrow on. I have only really tried to narrow down to a sub tree so far.

It is a nice little addition to org mode that has probably been there for the past 10 years or so. I didn’t look.

In other news SDL 2.10 is released. This has quite a few useful features. They have finally add floating point versions of the Rect and point class. Render functions have been updated to use them (Add an F to the end of the name you expect). Finally they have added some sort of batch rendering which I think is a behind the scenes optimisation, although I have not dig into this too much. This makes a pure SDL (without explicit vulkan/openGL) a viable option for many 2D games. It looks like that is still some work to do but good progress.

Returning to narrowing but in a different context. I am feeling a little bit spread out when it comes to tech stuff. So I have decide to narrow down my options. I am only going to allow myself to have two project on the go at any one time. That way I should be able to make progress. I am going to try to balance it out with one a learning project and another a productive project.

Any other ideas will get put on a list. I might publish the list but honestly I am not sure how interesting that would be.

When I was an undergraduate there tended to be three course running at any one time, well I guess we had labs where we would do classic physics experiments. At the time it led me to thinking what the optimum number is. One that would allow rapid progress but increases the chance of dropping the project through fatigue/burnout. So I thought I would try two, well if you include reading then you could consider I am at three.

Having written this I am tempted to try having only one project for a couple of months at some point. Perhaps total submersion into things is not such a bad idea.

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2019-07-28 23:00 +0000