Profiling Myself!

int main() {
   puts("Identifying the slow");

So I have been profiling myself. No not in the am I a serial killer type of way, although that would be interesting. More in a computer scientist way of wondering where I spend my time.

It is simultaneously interesting, nice and sad.

I am pretty sure everyone has wondered where there time goes each week. I sure have, but I am also aware this so of data can lead to more machine like decision making which isn’t great on the family.

My approach was to try and avoid this by not tracking everything. This means I didn’t track myself through the day as I spent time with the family nor did I worry to much about it. I think I was more trying for what data on productive personal time vs entertainment.

Activity Accumulated Time (hrs)
Work 40
Fitness 9.5
Yoga/Mediation 1
Reading 1.5
YouTube/Twitch 4
Netflix 8.5
Game Dev 3
Compiler 3

I did these measurements from Monday to Sunday evening. I started writing this post at about 9pm and stopped profiling at that point. So lets break this down.

Work is the day job so I was expecting that to be top of the list. Fitness consists of Running and walking, often the walks are with my other half, given I am attempting to regain some running fitness I have lost over the past couple of years I am actually very happy with the hours here. I am focusing on time on feet for the running, rather than speed or distance.

I view yoga and meditation as partially metal health/focus so broke it out from Fitness. I prefer yoga over mediation at the moment, finding they both help relax my mind and increase focus. I may drop meditation and just do yoga. I think my get fit mindset likes incorporating some movement into the focus routine.

We are watching The Order on Netflix, but if I am honest I usually have some series on the go and will often watch it when alone. That is I could easily reduce this, says every addict. I don’t view 8.5 as a particularly healthy amount. This doesn’t include any family watching of Streaming services as those are joint activities.

What is depressing is my joint project work (Game Dev and Compiler) is less than my Netflix habit! I find Netflix has a tendency to end the evening and is something I need to work on.

Reading is light reading, such as Fiction or the Wire Frame magazine. It doesn’t include internet reading or Study.

The sad part is what I failed to do. There was little to no learning, practising of art. Things I would like progress on.

Something not tracked but a task that hit into my project time was I did a lot of thinking about my developer setup. This time I was thinking about programming languages. I seem settled on C for low level stuff, but can easily jump to C++ if needed. These are not exploratory or learning languages. So I did a run though trying to decide on one.

I started at Raku (used to be Perl 6) which is gradually maturing. It is an interesting language, that looks fun to use although the library base is pretty small. I like it bu suspect learning it to the level I would want to learn it is a large enough task it should be judged against my other learning objectives. It also suffers from a lack of maturity in terms of IDEs.

I then spun through, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Kotlin. None fully hit the mark for me but after discounting Raku I really didn’t want anything too obscure so decided I would go with Python for now. I am trying to be pragmatic in all my development decisions but also want to have fun. Python has good IDE support and has good mind share in the world of learning things.

Kotlin looks fun and would be a very obvious choice for anything android and maybe for web game stuff.

This language turmoil! cost a lot of time, so I am going to try to not revisit it for a while. Programming languages are certainly kryptonite for me.

I will probably profile another week but I am not sure I will publish the results. They are certainly informative for myself but I am not sure they are that interesting to the reader :)

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