September Update 2018

Oct 03, 2018 · 677 words · 4 min(s)

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The past couple of weeks have been pretty productive. In a way that I hoped I would be when earlier in the year I revamped this site but never quite attained.

For the first time in a while I have had the urge to work on actual project that may result in a public released. I estimate about a 20% chance which is significantly higher than anything I have recently worked on.

This means I have some stuff to write about, hence a return to monthly updates. Possibly for one month only! Yep I am really underselling this and don’t want to commit.

First up I am creating a small game engine for personal use. This originates from playing with Vulkan and deciding I want to get back into knowing this level of code. I then promptly dropped Vulkan due to wanting to target WASM. I could target two APIs but at the moment don’t need that hassle at the moment.

It is initially going to be 2D so Vulkan would be an overkill. The targets Linux/WASM, it should be pretty simple to build on Window/Mac as I am using SDL as the base. I just don’t have them handy to build on. Anything publicly distributed will likely be inside the browser via WASM. That is a long way off but the fact I am thinking about it is kind of nice.

As this is an update post I won’t write more about it in detail. Suffice to say the engine is still quite small at less than 2K of lines.

The other project I am tinkering with is a programming language. It is a return to a safe ground for me. I enjoy writing parser and mini interpreters. I want to go a little further this time. I have been inspired by a few different languages. While I doubt I will add to the corpus of cool programming languages out there it will be a fun little project.

Again it is too early to talk about it, I only have a partially functioning parser for a minimal subset of a programming language.

With both of the these project I am taking the approach of minimal C++ that is popular in some circles. It is an experiment to see if this results in faster iteration times on more complex projects given the scarcity of time in my life at the moment. Honestly I am often coding late at night so simple things are a bonus.

If I keep the projects going I will be sure to blog about them some more.

In other news I brought some software for the desktop for the first time in what could be years (excluding games). Of course it is CLion. CLion is not perfect but it provides a nice environment to code in on Linux. Importantly it has:

Plus now I have purchased it I will use it as the default IDE rather than wondering should I try out KDevlop,VS Code, Eclipse and so on to see if they have improved. From a productivity point of view the money spent on CLion is worth it that reason alone.

I still occasionally drop back to vim when the mood takes me. I should try the CLion vim emulation mode out

Finally I am looking at getting a laptop to do some dev work on while sitting by a fire (winter is coming). I have been using a desktop and a chrome book for a few years now and it has worked pretty well. My previous laptop is now used by the children to play Roblox and are they glad I went for the discrete gfx option. It is now pretty old so even if I could get it out of their hands it would not make a great dev machine.

I probably won’t pull the trigger on the purchase until next month as some lines are due a refresh.

Until next time.