Site Revamp

Mar 08, 2018 · 423 words · 2 min(s)

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There have been many iterations of this site and I have never really settled on a design. Perhaps tinkering with the site is a way of feeling like I am doing something without actually have to do the difficult things needed to be genuinely productive.

I would like to say the recent changes were driven by a need and that would be partially true. Although on some level they were motivated by the desire to fiddle. So the “justifications” are:

The previous site was generated with some simple shell scripts that made use of pandoc for much of its processing. They worked quite well but to extend them with say a tagging system, syntax highlight and so on was work that I could not get motivated to do.

Instead I decided to take a look at Hugo. I had played with it in the past and its reputation for speed is well deserved. After looking though the themes I found one I liked but could not quite get it quite how I wanted it.

The obvious solution was to create my own theme based on the theme I liked. Original theme is here. It only took a couple of evenings and gave a reasonable amount of experience in Hugo.

While I am mentioning it the site is currently hosted on Netlify. They provide free hosting for small sites and let you drag and drop a folder containing your web site, great for small statically generated sites.

Look syntax highlight!!!!

class Foo {
    int x;
    int y{0};
    // do something!
    int foobar(int x) {
        return x+this->x * 100;

While I have a couple more things to add over the next week or two. I am pretty happy with the result so far. Now hopefully I can focus on code and blogging without getting distracted by the site.

I can’t decide whether it is worth putting in comments, via disqus, or not? I am actually edging towards not at the moment. I suffer no illusions that site isn’t for anyone but me at the moment. Part of me also thinks social media/forums are a better place for discussions.

If the blog ever starts to get more than a few hits I will spend the effort on adding them. Until then I do like the site with out the comments section on it.